Registration application

Before registering

Before applying for registration to Little Monkeys through the form below, we ask you to please read the following lines and take a moment to reflect.

Expressive, friendly and obedient children They are the ones who have the most qualities to carry out this activity.

If your child is very shy and you think that he/she will not be comfortable in front of a camera, if he/she is a whirlwind and it is difficult for him/her to pay attention and stop still, if you are not available to take him/her to castings or filming, we advise consider whether to participate in this activity It is the most appropriate in your case.

It is important to take this into account mainly for boys and girls, since In no case should it be a forced or cumbersome task. for them, although, in addition, the work of many professionals will end up depending on it.

On the other hand, if your child has some special ability, is comfortable in front of the camera, is sociable, communicative and expressive, At Little Monkeys we encourage you to be part of this world that can be as fun as it is constructive..

Please, if the child is old enough, before making a decision, do not stop Consult with him if working as a model is something that excites you. Your desire and predisposition must be a priority.

About exclusivity

Mutual trust makes us stronger

At Little Monkeys, we understand the will and/or need of our talents to participate in as many jobs as possible, and that is why We strive to ensure that everyone's expectations are met to the maximum..

However, unfortunately we cannot defend the idea of register with various agencies, since, although we know that it is a recurring initiative that seeks to increase job possibilities, in the end it ends up being very unfavorable for all parties.

Given that production companies organize their castings by sourcing from different agencies simultaneously, it often happens that the same model is presented from different agencies.

When that happens, such circumstances generate conflicts of interest and uncomfortable situations between agencies, production companies and casting directors, something that inevitably ends up deteriorate the agency/model relationship.

In light of what has been said, Little Monkeys is a defender of relationships based on trust and, as such, promotes the exclusivity contract as a tool that provides seriousness and commitment in both directions.

We recommend that you choose an agency where you feel comfortable and in which you can fully place your trust.

There is no cost to register with Little Monkeys.

You just have to fill out the following form, but don't forget to read the instructions and advice proposed below to have a better chance of being accepted.

Registration application form

Instructions and tips for filling out the application

Attached please some current photos and videos of the boy or girl. In the case of siblings, you must complete a form for each of them.

As for the photosWhenever possible, we prefer that they be for study. However, in cases where it is not possible, you can do them yourself by following these instructions:

  • In the case of the More smalls, different happy expressions will suffice looking at camera. Sitting him in a high chair, for example, is very practical so that he does not “escape”.
  • The photos and videos added must correspond to the current moment.
  • Find a space well lit that offers clear images. (You will find good light outside but don't do it in full sun, look for a shadow).
  • Use a wall like plain color background, preferably white.
  • He locker room It must be very basic (solid colors) and the natural hairstyle.
  • 1 photo of whole body and several of half plane and foreground (make your face look good).
  • Make sure that in one of them you see a wide smile showing teeth.
  • DO NOT use accessories type hat, makeup, pacifier, sunglasses, etc…
  • They don't need to pose. A natural posture is best.
mosaic ok
mosaic ok

As regards the videos, follow the following instructions for its realization:

  • In the case of the More smalls (babies), it should be the parents who introduce them, while playing with them or simply trying to get the little one to show happy and fun expressions.
  • Record the video in horizontal.
  • Approximate duration of 30 seconds.
  • In the presentation you must say your name, age, show your hands, their profiles and give a full turn. Let him also talk about his hobbies and things he likes to do.
  • Show us the presentation in all the languages that can speak correctly. One video for each language.
  • Use a wall like plain color background, preferably white.
  • Find a space well lit that offers clear images. (You will find good light outside but don't do it in full sun, look for a shadow).
  • He locker room It must be very basic (solid colors) and the natural hairstyle.
  • DO NOT use plugins type hat, makeup, pacifier, sunglasses, etc…

Videos are a key element for the models' file. They show very relevant information that photographs alone cannot offer (expressions, character, voice, movement...).

That can make a difference in a selection process. We recommend you send different recordings so that the qualities and characteristics of the model are duly reflected.

In the form you will find various spaces to upload videos of different kinds. They will specify the content requested (presentation, sports, hobbies, special skills, family videos...). Keep in mind that depending on the casting this information may be decisive! The more data we have in your file the better.

Sometimes, for some shoots, production companies seek to select Familiar groups real. If you are interested, you can contribute photos and videos of presentation of the whole family (in the presentation section), in order to be selected as a group to work together.

Don't forget to check the exact height of the current moment, as well as the clothing and shoe size.

If accepted

Congratulations, now almost you are Little Monkeys!!

To make your incorporation official, we will send you a welcome email where you will find a much more complete form.

In it you will be asked to attach photos, videos and personal data that They will be used to create your file, so it is very important that the information you provide is complete and quality.
Keep in mind that ALL the data you provided for the registration request will have been deleted.

Although this means that you will have to re-attach some of the information that you already provided us, We are forced to do so by ordinance of the current data protection law.

In that sense, we appreciate your patience in advance.

On the other hand, in this same form, you will be asked for the following documentation that will be used in the future to process the minor work permits.

The documents must be correctly scanned and presented in format PDF. Until we have them, your file may not be operational.  

  1. Document with the child's Social Security Affiliation Number.(if you can't get it, it is not essential now and you can continue with the registration process)

 Attention, it is not the health card!!

You can obtain it at the following link: Consult healthcare rights

Important: When filling out the form for the SS number, the “Insured Information” is the information of the father or mother and the “Beneficiary Information” is that of the minor. You must enter the email so that you receive an email with the response and mark the “Accrediting document” option to be able to download it.

MUFACE Associates must unsubscribe and obtain a Social Security number.

Being a beneficiary of MUFACE is incompatible with another Social Security regime. That means that when you were signed up for a job, the minor would probably be automatically signed off from MUFACE.

In those cases, you can request withdrawal from the SS and re-register with Muface, but it is a complicated process, so our advice is that you sign up only if it is not really an inconvenience for you not to be in that mutual insurance company.

  1. DNI of the child on both sides or NIE accompanied by a Passport in case of being a foreigner.
    They must always be in force.
  2. DNI of the parents (or legal guardians) on both sides or NIE accompanied by a Passport in case of being foreigners.
    They must always be in force.
  3. Family Book or Literal Birth Certificate
    We need the cover page, the parent page and the child page.

This documentation will be registered in our database, always under the protection of the current data protection law (RGPD), and must be renewed when required.

Little Monkeys Database

Children registered with Little Monkeys will be part of our database, complying with current data protection regulations (GDPR). Your data will be part of a database owned by the company Little Monkeys with address at c/ Modolell 60 (local) 08021 Barcelona, Spain. You have the right of access, opposition, rectification and cancellation that you must exercise in writing to the address mentioned above. For more information you can consult the privacy policy:

If not accepted

Keep in mind that We will not always be able to accept all requests. Although our database is large, market demand makes some profiles more or less coveted depending on the moment.

In that sense, sometimes we are forced to select input records based on demand, in order to prevent our file from being overflowing.

In case you have not been accepted, we will be happy to review your application after a few months, if you decide to send us the form again with updated video-photographic material.

The Little Monkeys team will always respond to you as soon as possible, regardless of what the answer is. Please be patient.

We inform you that All the documentation that you have submitted to Little Monkeys in the registration application process, will have been destroyed as ordered by current data protection law.

Thank you for your trust.

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