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In this guide you will be able to know the whole process what follows a little monkey from the moment a job arises until the day of its execution, in addition to learning the technical words and concepts that are usually used during it.
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It is essential so that minors can participate in a filming or shooting.

Every new job will require the processing of said permit, which is regulated by the different autonomous governments depending on the region.

After the casting and as soon as the production company tells us, we will send the necessary documentation of the minor (which we will have filed in your file) so that they can begin the procedures.

Next You must complete and sign the forms own of the minor work permit that we will send to you, if they have not already given it to you at the casting itself.

This documentation will include the school certificate, which you must take to your child's educational center, so that the director of the same can sign it. as the child will not be able to attend class during the dates indicated for filming/shooting.

Given that times are usually very tight, these procedures must be resolved with the greater urgency to be able to move forward without impediments. Also keep in mind that if we do not have your updated documentation in our database When the time comes, we will risk losing our jobs.

He minor work permit will be required from the production company when the model is confirmed, although it is also common for it to be requested in the optional (finalist but not confirmed).

This is done to ensure that the deadlines can be met in the event that it is confirmed. If you are finally excluded from the selection process, the work permit will automatically be cancelled.

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The models will receive income for different concepts

Within the same project, two different concepts that generate value come into play. income for the model, which will be specified in the employment contract.

These are the fee and the image rights.

(Daily Fee)

It corresponds to the work day fees, which will have a specific duration depending on the age of the model in accordance with the ordinances of the regional government.
Its amount will be given by the production company based on the Project features and of the character category, although whenever possible we will try to negotiate for the benefit of our talents.
Here the different possibilities in character category:

  • Major: He is the protagonist of the advertisement. It usually has individual shots and dialogue. Much of the weight of the advertisement or movie falls on him.
  • Secondary: Appears in the spot or film and, although less than the protagonist, has dialogue and appears actively in the film. He usually plays a character close to the protagonist.
  • Featured extra: Role of little prominence. It has no dialogue, it does not appear in close-up nor does it have individual shots, but its image is recognizable.
  • Extra or Background extra: Role of little prominence that is also not recognizable, so it will not charge image rights (buyouts). In the images he is usually in the background or appears from behind.

Taking into account that the rate constitutes the remuneration of a single day, The amount will be multiplied for each day worked.


They correspond to the amount paid that authorizes the acquiring party publish these images legally.
In this case, its economic value will be strictly subject to three variants:

  • Media: Publication channels.
  • Period: Amount or length of time of emission.
  • Territory: Geographic areas of dissemination.

Once the contracted issuance period has ended, companies will have the possibility of negotiating the renewal of image rights, which would constitute a new payment to the model.
In the event that the entities want to add other territories or broadcast channels to those previously established by contract, a extension of rights with the corresponding bonus for the model.

Depending on the project, rate and rights will be included in a single amount (rate with rights included), or separately, quantifying the worth of each one independently.
Both rates and rights will be expressed in gross amounts, so, in addition to the 20% agency commission, the corresponding personal income tax will have to be subtracted, which can vary from 15 to 24%.

Under no circumstances will the publication of images of a Little Monkey without having first negotiated and specified the rates and rights values.

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A casting is a call for actors or models with specific characteristics, in which the individual or individuals who are considered closest to the desired profile are selected.

Normally there is a prior selection process that does not require personal assistance, since it is done electronically by submitting the files from our database.

In that regard, it is vitally important that we always have your file updated. Personal data, current documentation, photos/videos…

If you go to the next phase, this will normally be in person, so you we will send a summons indicating place and time.

Sometimes, however, the casting director decides to cast by Selftape. In this type of casting, the director gives very specific orders for taking photos and videos that will be sent by email, avoiding having to appear in person.

In any case, before participating in a casting it is very important that Check the dates planned for the filming days and check that you have availability for them.

It is normal that, even if the filming lasts only one day, they ask us several days of availability until the exact date is confirmed.

In-person castings for children usually take place in the afternoon after school hours.

Although attendance is controlled by appointment, sometimes there are waits because the children's time slot is concentrated in the hours immediately after the school day.

In order to minimize these circumstances, you will normally have the possibility of book your appointment through a link, which we will provide you for each casting call.

Only one companion for each child, ideally father, mother or legal guardians, since you may have to sign documents for the registration procedures. minor work permits.

In that sense, we recommend that you have documentation on hand such as ID (both the tutor and the model), Family Book and Social Security affiliation number. It is not necessary to physically bring it, but you do have to have access to the information collected therein.

Please, Do not take your brothers to the casting if they are not invited. Take advantage of this moment of complicity with each other and avoid filling the rooms with more people than strictly necessary.

Bring something for the children to entertain themselves. during the wait such as a book, homework, snack, small toys, water...

The behavior of the children is also decisive as far as selection is concerned: attentive, obedient, friendly and expressive children are ideally what they are looking for.

Don't be discouraged if it takes a while to receive a casting call. Although there are profiles that are more requested than others, things are coming out for everyone. 

Your opportunity will come at any moment!!

Below we show you a graph where you can see all the processes that happen before and after casting, as well as all the people involved in the project and the selection of the model.

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When we say that the model is OPTIONED, it means that he/she is a finalist in the selection process.

A few days after the Casting, the organizers will give us the list of options.

Although this does not mean that the model is confirmed, we will still inform you immediately so that again Check availability on possible filming dates.

It is common that by then we still do not know the exact dates of filming, callback either fitting. That's why we will tell you a small period of days, of which we will need you to confirm absolute availability.

In case you could only attend some of the proposed days within the time slot, let us know too so that we take it into account, although this will make it difficult for the option to advance.

If you are already optioned or confirmed for another project on the same dates, logically you will not be able to give said availability. It is very important that you review it and, if applicable, let us know.

Very important maintain availability until you are finally informed if they have confirmed you or not.

The commitment to provide availability it's very serious and you must be sure that you can comply with it except in cases of force majeure.

The next step will be to start the management of work permits for minors. It will require you to complete and sign documents, unless it has already been done during the casting itself.

The permit management is long, it can last about 12 working days and that is why we will need you agile responses.


The CALLBACK is a casting of finalists in which the character is delved deeper.

It is possible that they call all of the candidates or only some of them. If you are optioned and you have not been summoned It doesn't mean they've discarded you.

In this second casting, normally the director and even the client participate (the brand).

He Callback has a small remuneration.


Being CONFIRMED means you have been selected for the job.

Finally after the options and the possible Callback, we will get the confirmed list.

If you are in it, we will inform you immediately and we will remind you of the dates again to ensure they are locked.

Remember that this is a important commitment.


FITTING is a wardrobe test to define the look that the model will wear on the day of filming or shooting.

It is normally programmed a few days before the shooting date.


The BACKUP is the model that remains in reserve in case the main one could not fulfill his/her task during the filming or shooting.

It is common that, on the confirmed list, in addition to the model selected for the job, one or more other candidates are proposed as Backup backup.

This would act in cases where the principal cannot do so, either for not having been able to attend the filming (force majeure) or for not meeting the expected expectations during it.

In case you are selected as Backup, we will inform you so that decide if you accept the position or not.
There are three modalities of backup:

  • Backup in the set: He will attend the filming and wait there in case it is necessary to have him. In any case, you will charge 100% of the established rate and will obviously opt to receive image rights if you finally participate.
  • Backup on call: Initially he will not attend the filming, but he will remain on call (at home or at school) with the commitment that if he is called to attend the set he will be able to organize to go immediately. If they do not need it, they will charge 50% of the rate, while if they claim it, they will charge 100% and will be eligible for image rights.
  • Backup free: In this case it is not necessary for the model to block any availability or confirm their attendance. There is only the possibility that they will call you, in which case it would be your free choice to attend or not. This type of Backup will not charge any fee unless you are asked and decide to attend. If this were the case, I would charge 100% of the rate, also opting for image rights.
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Normally the day before we will give you the location and exact schedule of the filming/shooting.

It is common not to have this appointment until previous afternoon, with what you must reserve the entire day for filming although in the end it only occupies a strip of it.

If the filming is outside of Barcelona, normally The producer provides a means of transportation for travel.

If you go on your own, it is possible to negotiate some small payment for gasoline, calculating that the starting point is always from Barcelona.

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Although we will not be there, we will have given you all the necessary information beforehand and we will be in contact for any questions or eventualities you may have.

On the part of the producer you will also have a person who will take care of you at all times.

Depending on the child's age, Little Monkeys will have made an agreement with the production company a maximum shooting hours (based on current law) that will appear in the contract.

We recommend that you take some things to entertain the children, since filming can be long and sometimes there is a lot of waiting time.

Make sure the child arrives as rested as possible.

As for diets, there is usually catering on the set where nothing is ever missing, but If your child needs any special food, we recommend bringing it.

It is important that you do not go more than one companion for each boy or girl, ideally your father, mother or legal guardian. There are a lot of people on filming and the less we bother the better.

When finished, you must inform your booker the time in which the model's work has been completed.

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You will always be informed of the fees and other conditions of the job before attending the casting.

Within this information, the Rate amountsImage rights and, where appropriate, also those of BackupFitting and Callback.

Payments will be made through bank transfers.

One part coming from the production company and the other from Little Monkeys.


The producer is who of discharge the model to social security, always for a value equal to or less than the rate.

This amount is what we call PAYROLL, and the producer will be responsible for paying it to you (less taxes) normally in a 30 day period.

This payment will be accompanied by payroll document (issued by the production company) in which your data and that of the model will appear, as well as justifying the transaction in a detailed manner.


Little Monkeys will be responsible for the rest of payments.

Once the job is completed, Little Monkeys will issue a receipt via e-mail, in which the model's fees will be perfectly broken down.

This same receipt must be returned signed, either electronically or by scanning. Photos or images of poor quality cannot be accepted..

It is important sign the receipt as soon as possible, to have everything ready when the time comes to pay it off. Otherwise we will have to delay payment until you send it to us.

The income will be made at 90 days (approximately from business day), since that is the time it usually takes for the client to settle. If he paid us before, we would immediately proceed to settle your remuneration.

Cristina and Jan, from the administration department, will be at your disposal to clarify any questions in this regard.

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